Successful businesses rely exclusively on two important aspects – marketing and innovation.

BUILD IMAGERY offers sophisticated, innovative video creations to support our clients branding and marketing goals.

About Us

As specialists in Branding and Marketing for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries (AEC), we provide a range of services and innovative video products that support our client’s strategic business goals and communicate their vision and expertise. Build Imagery creates a visual record of your core business and recognition for your brand in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to tailor videos for a range of uses, including social media and company websites, client proposals and presentations and staff training. With diverse backgrounds in filmmaking, editing, production, script writing, and entertainment, Build Imagery’s professionals employ a structured interview process to understand clients’ business goals and target audiences.  This approach has worked so well for a number of our clients that we’ve created comprehensive Video Programs that have become an integral part of their firm’s annual Business and Marketing Plan development. With Over 15 years of experience telling stories of some of the most notable builds and travel destinations for international organizations and industries, we take pride in our client relationships.

We are devoted to the visual recognition of your brand an easy-to-understand and inspiring way. We take the time to understand your business and the audience you’re pursuing. Our videos tell your story.

What We Do

Build Imagery take construction video, and video documentation to a new level. Competing for and winning projects and stellar industry recognition is a foremost goal in the building industry. In this competitive environment, the successful completion of complex large-scale building projects requires superior operational and management skills and experience.  Each building type entails unique challenges and imparts a vital and lasting impact on the communities they support. In documenting in-progress large-scale construction projects, we visually communicate the project’s unique goals and distinctive milestones, the strength and personality of the project team, and the “magic” that transforms an architect’s vision into the valuable, unique spaces where we live our lives. Working with the team, we highlight inherent building challenges and their solutions, and illustrate the individual stages that culminate into a successful completed project. Our videos tell the story of your project.

  1. Construction challenges, issues and breakthroughs occurring throughout a project can inform the planning of future construction projects containing similar issues. Analysis of these issues and resultant problem solving creates new frameworks and processes that are used to more quickly provide comparable (similar, like) projects with meaningful, demonstrable solutions.
  2. Most organizations are eager to bring knowledge of constantly evolving building innovations into the field.  Many clients use our videos for internal training on specialty or new techniques (technological advancements?). Clients also use project-specific orientation videos to bring staff and vendors who are new to the site or project up-to-date, which augments and enhances professionally facilitated team training in a relevant way.
  3. Additional Services Include:
    • Low Altitude Aerial imaging either Photo or Video via our drone capabilities
    • Pre-site surveys of roads, landscapes, community beautification and civil engineering.
    • Complete integration with your Marketing and Project team
    • Social Media Integration
    • Specialized Product and AR/ VR integration

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Barry Papick – Senior Vice President of Sales

Dan Ursitti – Executive Producer

Alan Morgan – Junior Sales Associate

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